Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two Things on My Mind

There are two things on my mind and they are jostling for space. Seriously. I know which one is winning and it might surprise you.

Ok so of course totally on my mind is I'd Rather Be Sleeping's reader, Banawoman, who is going to Chicago on Thursday to see Pearl Fishers, and somehow (ha) wrangled herself a backstage pass. Somehow. *cough* However, since I'm not going, while I'm happy/thrilled/girly-giggly for her, it's not occupying the majority of my mind-space. That's not to say it doesn't have a big, ok, HUGE chunk. Just not more than 50%.

No, instead it's the new song I'm learning - Vedrai Carino. I'll even spell it right this time. I'm memorizing the words. I'm busy applying every layer of vocal whatsitmacallit to the piece, bit by bit. Caress the notes, keep the breath low (meaning, pull the low abs in to force the air out), keep the throat open and elastic, legato, legato, legato. My only concern is that perhaps I'm practicing some part of it incorrectly, and then we'll have to undo it. We meaning, me, myself and I. I first wrote we thinking, my voice teacher and I, but really, she'll just point it out and give me tips on how to fix whatever it was I mistaught myself. Ultimately, it's up to me.

I love how much faster this is coming together, though, than the previous songs. It's like some of the technique is finally sinking in and becoming second nature. And to think it only took a year of lessons.

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