Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If Your Glass Harmonica Breaks

Many articles say how rare the glass harmonica is, and how hard it is to find a proficient player, so that many orchestras use a flute instead. Well. I believe they have forgotten about the theremin.

Here's some Pink Floyd. Yes, Pink Floyd on the opera blog.

and to keep it classical, here's Ave Maria:

So if you put this dude in a tux and taught him Lucia, I bet he could step in for a broken glass harmonica, don't you think?

Ahhh that Pink Floyd is so calming.... Maybe I've found the antidote to opera keeping me awake.


Mike said...

There was a theremin player in Penn Station the other day and I wanted to stop but I was rush-rushing to make my train. Since I didn't make the train I went back. He wasn't playing anymore, just chatting with a couple people. He gave me a very puzzled look when I put a buck in his hat and kept going.

Susan said...

Yeah but he kept the money, right? Did you listen to the Lucia clips with the glass harmonica? Do you think the theremin would work too?

Kaitebon said...

So BIZARRE! I know I've learned about that in physics I believe it's real...I even sort of understand how it works!

...but can you imagine being the guy playing it?

mike said...

From my limited knowledge, I don't know if the theremin would work - it's apparently pretty tough to play the theremin quickly.

Side note - the Pink Floyd theremin guy in that video lives in Livingston, NJ.

Susan said...

Gee Mike why would you mention that town????

When can I come over and play yours? Your theremin, that is.