Friday, October 24, 2008

A Mad Scene, Part 1: The Journey

Ok I finally have time to toss together an entry about Wednesday.

Husband dropped me off at the train station and the train was there. I had planned on taking the next train, but I was able to buy my ticket and leap onto this one before it left the station.

When I got to the city I began to walk uptown. Sensory input all around! Especially through Times Square! This suburban Jersey girl was a bit overwhelmed, not that you'd know to look at me.

I eventually gave into my coffee urges and popped into a Starbucks. As I was sitting there with my coffee and chocolate-hazelnut biscotti, I became aware of the faint music playing in the background. I had to strain to hear it, but it sort of sounded like the Beach Boys, and it was a tune I knew. I started humming along to myself, thinking, what Beach Boys song is this? Until I realized that no, it's not a Beach Boys song. It's the (in)famous Pearl Fishers duet. Now, I know I've had Pearl Fishers on the brain lately, but I swear to you that that's what it was. Done by what sounded like the Beach Boys. What's up with that? So today I did a google search on "Beach Boys Pearl Fishers Duet" thinking that nothing would come up, and wouldn't ya know, there's a band called The Pearlfishers who name the Beach Boys as their primary influence. I've not been able to find the duet yet, but you know that if it's out there, I'll find it.

Ok so I was caffeinated and ready to go. To the bathroom, that is, and What's this? Bathroom is for employees only? How can that be???? So off I went wondering where I'd find a reasonable public bathroom.

I wandered into Gucci. The phrase, "If you have to ask, you can't afford it" took on real meaning there as nothing had a visible price tag. Next I went into a shoe store. The lowest priced shoe was $295. No thank you.

At Columbus Circle I wandered into what is basically a shopping mall. Hooray! I thought, a bathroom! I passed by several statues of dogs dressed in various expensive outfits and found a Borders bookstore. Used the bathroom and figured that was a good time as any to put some makeup on. And of course my mascara instantly clumped. Hate that. I rarely wear it so I should probably invest in something better than Avon, but it's all I had. So I strike up a conversation with this older woman about makeup and turns out she is a sort of amature makeup artist type person. She recommended I look for a tiny brush that can be used for eyelashes. "Where would I find one of those," I wondered as I meandered back into the mall. Then, as if out of nowhere: Sephora. "AHA!" I went in and was instantly overwhelmed by choice. I wandered the aisles in a daze, wishing that DivaDeLaBlog were there to advise me. But I found the little brush, most likely the cheapest thing in the store at a mere $5, and made my first Sephora purchase. I was in such a daze that while online an employee asked me if I was ok.

And I should have said no. I couldn't find the escalator down so I went down in an elevator and went out what I thought was the same door I had gone in, but... everything looked different. Where the heck was I? Somehow I had gone through the building and across the block to the other side. Oops. Thank goodness for the iPhone and it's "You are here" mapping system. So I ended up, of course, behind Lincoln Center, like, behind the Met. The entire place is surrounded by boards and fences due to construction so there wasn't much to see. I made my way to Cafe Fiorello, went to the ladies' room to change to the heels and use the new eyelash brush and by the time I came out the rest of my dinner companions had arrived.

My manager at work took my picture before I left on Wednesday:

Next entry: Dinner

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