Thursday, October 16, 2008

Post 402 - Scarfy Picutres with the Auto-Smile Camera

Here are Ann's backstage pictures, taken by tenor Eric Cutler with that weird camera that automatically takes the picture when it senses people smiling. Oh and these were taken before the incident referred to in Post 400.

Ann and Nathan compare scarves.

So what's with that blue scarf anyway? I think I have one of those - if it has little metallic threads running through it, it's the same one. I got it in 1988.

EDITED TO ADD: Third pic came through the wires. Here is Ann with Christian Van Horn and Eric Cutler. Cute, no?

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Kaitebon said...

So, I was watching Luke Bryan's song "Country Man" on CMT's top 20 countdown. (I like opera and country music. Perhaps this is proof of some sort of mental disorder?) And I realized that he looks creepily like Christian Van Horn!

(In fact, the guy at the very end of the video who says "we're totally not wasting time" looks sort of like Nathan Gunn...)