Friday, October 10, 2008

It Really is Kind of Webby

And I'm referring to the Internet, you know, the World Wide Web.

So like, I google someone simply because I like his goofy personality that comes through in various types of comments on that Social Networking Site. Next thing I know I'm sending him notes and requesting postcards. I post all about it, and soon others are running to request postcards. And then, true immortality: Opera Chic hears about it.

So, Dear Readers, If any of you have requested and received a postcard from Mr. Van Horn, feel free to send me a photo of the postcard and I'll post it here.

All I know is, he better not ask me to contribute to his postage fund. I have to save those pennies for opera tickets.


nachtgedanken said...

The opera tickets in Munich are not overly expensive and the bed would be free at my house ;-)

Susan said...

Thank you! :) I'll have to get to the pool to train myself to swim long distances. I wonder if I can swim from New Jersey across the Atlantic and around the UK into the North Sea to get to Germany without getting my face wet? Would you pick me up at the beach?