Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Link

I've mentioned before that if you like All Things Goofy, visit Christian Van Horn's website, listen to the audio, read the blog and request a postcard. However, until now you had to hunt through the blog to find out how. Looks like Mr. VH finally got it together, created himself a gmail account and made it even easier for people to give him an excuse to get out the exacto-knife and scotch tape. Just do it!

I made the link into it's own click over there on the right ----->
And no, no matter how many people click-n-request, I will not contribute to his postage fund. You asked for it, Mr. VH! HAHAHAHA!

Actually this reminds me of something else I've been thinking about. I mentioned in a prior post that I'd be willing to throw a slide show together of him for YouTube. Then I got to thinking, why? Why would I do this for someone who I don't know and have only heard sing in the tracks on his web page?

That thought simmered in my brain on a back burner.

Later that same day I was thinking about college. I was very much involved in my college radio station. I was a DJ one year, but mostly I was behind the scenes. I started in the Production Department, helping to write and record Public Service Announcements and advertisements for the different radio programs. Then I became Promotions Department Manager, which meant I organized the benefit concerts with the local bands, promoted the station with t-shirts, buttons and other paraphernalia and tried to recruit new members. That local band scene was tons of fun. Everyone at the station promoted the local musicians. We did what we could - we went to countless shows in all sorts of questionable locations (Meaning, the Court Tavern in New Brunswick), we played them on the radio and hired them for concerts whenever we could. I was musing about that and vaguely reminiscing when I realized that my enthusiasm for making these videos of Nathan Gunn, John Osborn and now Mr. VH is not that different than what I did in college. Well, except for the music, the fashion and the price of admission...

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