Friday, October 24, 2008

Mad Scene part 2: Dinner

At dinner I learned that I love tiny octopus. Octopusses. Octopi. Cafe Fiorello has a seafood antipasto bar and as part of a shared appetizer we got a mixed plate. Lucky me, the little heads and suckers turned everyone else off, ha ha.

See those little tentacles and suckers? YUMMMM!! Of course the 2 glasses of wine I had might have affected my gross-food meter. Everything else on the plate was good too, but the little 8-armed suckers were all mine!

Ok, animal lovers, stop reading.

For dinner I had this wonderful chestnut-flour pasta with bolognese sauce made from... rabbit. Yes, I had the rabbit bolognese, or as I started calling it after the 2nd glass of wine, bunny bolognese. The ears, of course, were on the side. No, no, no. No ears. It was funny because one member of our party was horrified and said she could never order rabbit, and then went ahead and ordered veal. Ah the irony. Baby cow kept stuffed in a box its entire life or fuzzy little creature that some people keep as pets? What's worse? You decide.

We split a dessert 4 ways, don't ask me what it was but I assure you it was delish.

Then they were all lagging behind so I went off on my own to go in and find my seat.

Next post: The Opera!!!

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