Monday, July 14, 2008

These Are (just) A Few of My Favorite Things

The conversation in the women's dressing room often turns to topics of a girly nature. The topic of childbirth came up, and as the only mother there I was asked a few questions. Pregnancy and childbirth are scary concepts when you're not yet pregnant, but think you might want to pop out a kid or two in the future. Your body changes and does all sorts of strange things. So, to counteract that year or so of bodily discomfort (taking recovery and miscellaneous whatever into account) and who knows how many months of sleep deprivation, I would like now to list a few my favorite things about being a mom:

  • When you're feeding your infant (breast or bottle) he or she looks at you with these big, trusting eyes. My son made these cute little noises (that he still makes today when he uses a straw!) and he also used to hum a descending tone.
  • They smell wonderful. Even their breath. I loved smelling my son's breath when he was an infant. That may sound weird to anyone who is not a parent.
  • There is nothing like the weight of a baby on your chest or in your arms. They're like warm sacks of sugar.
  • At about 8 weeks old, they smile at you. It's impossible not to smile back.
  • Baby giggles are wonderful.
  • They look angelic when sleeping.
  • My son sang before he could talk. I love that! He would ask to hear pieces of music by da da da-ing the first few bars. He would get insistent if we didn't put it on right away. He also used to chant out the beat of songs.
  • It's wonderful to cuddle with your child.
  • Pretty much any time I sit or lay down my son will climb all over me and then settle in somewhere.
  • A spontaneous kiss or "I love you Mommy" can brighten up your gloomiest mood.
  • I love getting on the floor to play.
  • Children interpret things from their own self-centered perspective. Sometimes they'll answer a question correctly but it's not the answer you expected. It's awesome! You see the world a whole new way.
  • Watching a child learn opens up your own imagination.
These are the things that matter. Got it?

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