Sunday, July 13, 2008

No, We're Not Related, Why Do You Ask?

What an interesting day. Matinee today. Full report will be in a subsequent post, however, first some biz-ness.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

My blog is in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by ANY opera company. I have, in the past, submitted guest blog posts for a local opera company, however that has nothing to do with anything I write about here in my PERSONAL blog. My blog is about my experiences, and MY IMPRESSIONS of what I see.

That said, many readers may notice some changes all of a sudden. These changes were not due to any empty threats I may have received from people who don't like to hear how they appear to others. In fact, in a way, it's just the opposite - It's because I very much like and respect the particular opera company with which I am a supernumerary. In a conversation that could have come out of "Mean Girls," (incidentally one of my favorite movies - go read my profile), I realized that reporting my honest impressions about certain people or events regarding that opera company could reflect poorly on the opera company itself, even though my blog is not affiliated with the company at all. However, to prevent any potential bad feelings toward that company, I have removed all references to said company from my blog.

It's not like what I wrote was news to anyone anyway.

I did learn today that I was not the only blogger asked (vaguely threatened) to change a post because it hurt someone's feelings. I know what the post was about and I don't think it was bad. It too was a report of her experience, from her perspective, and even included an apology for a misunderstanding. And while I don't know to whom that blogger's post referred, it makes me wonder if it wasn't one of the same people with whom I conversed this afternoon.

Such Drama, oy vey.

Ok, I will now graduate from high school and move on to Real Life.

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