Thursday, July 24, 2008

Looking Forward

Final performance of Traviata is this Saturday. I'm sad and sort of relieved at the same time. I've had a great time, as usual, and met some really nice people, but I feel like I haven't seen Husband at all these past few weeks, with his teaching schedule being opposite from my rehearsal and performance schedule.

Last week I borrowed a "Best of the Muppet Show" video from the library. One episode on it is when Gilda Radner was the guest star, and she sang a medley from Pirates of Penzance with a 7 foot tall talking carrot. (She had requested a parrot but you know how these things are.)

It's very funny. Alex just loved it and now he wants to hear what we now call "The Carrot Song," over and over. "I am the very model of a modern major vegetable." Of course I don't have that version, but I do have a G&S Greatest Hits type of CD (that's not what it's called...) and of course that's on it. I've printed out the lyrics and am trying to learn them. And of course I'm also teaching myself "Poor Wandering One." Why not, right?

I'm also very fond of the "I've got a little list" from The Mikado. My mother and I used to sing that one together when I was a kid. Later on when I read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the part where they trick the useless third of the population (basically, the people mentioned in the G&S song), into believing that they had to evacuate the planet and that everyone else would soon follow in another spaceship, reminded me immediately of the song. And if you look at the lyrics, they're still relevant today.

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