Friday, July 11, 2008

My REAL Post About Tonight

Ok, that other post was just filler. Here's the real post...

First off... someone brought some fancy looking hair-care products to work so I thought, hmm, uber-expensive mousse, why not give it a try. And now I know why they brought it to work. The stuff stinks! Seriously it smells like something is rotting on my head. I wonder if the fumes from the stuff (which I tried to wash out by running repeatedly under the sprinkler this afternoon) will cause any of the singers' throats to close up in disgust tonight.

Ok next. As DivaDeLaBlog pointed out, all the women in the chorus are PMSing at the same time. And of course that's contagious. I have this insecure flubbery feeling that I won't fit into my dress tonight. Trying to get over it.

And that leads to my next point: I'm nervous about tonight. What's THAT all about? I have nothing to be nervous about. I think it's because the final dress was filled with so many tech problems that I fear something will go wrong tonight. Plus, looking at the schedule for today, the tech people who are setting up and running Traviata have been there since 8am preparing for the tech rehearsal for Merry Widow. They're scheduled to work from 8am to 11:30pm. Is that even legal????

So I'm a bit anxious. I really want the show to go well. Why I have so much emotionally vested in this, I have no idea. Oh wait, I already mentioned why. It's those dang hormones.

Chocolate, chocolate... Hey I don't have to sing, I can get as phlegmy as I want.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. That's exciting! Um......yeah!

Jimmy fails to fulfill comment expectations.