Monday, July 21, 2008

One (or more) of Those Weeks

I'm coming here to my faithful readers to whine whine whine about being blue blue blue. The past few weeks I've gotten myself into Mild Nonsensical situations by misinterpreting and/or saying stupid things. Open mouth, insert foot, no room for the other foot, where should I put it? The details of these minor incidents are irrelevant. They are not opera related. So these Little Nothing Incidents have piled up in my psyche and become Something - and the Total is greater than the sum of the Parts. So now I'm thinking that crawling into bed, pulling the covers over my head and staying there until I get hungry enough to slink downstairs and eat something unhealthy sounds really attractive right now.

Of course, the fact that after finishing that paragraph, I walked into the bathroom to find Alex with his pants off, totally wrapped up in an entire roll of toilet paper, like a mummy, does lighten my mood a little. "I was just wiping my hands," he said innocently. Uh huh.

And then, "I love you mommy. And I like you a LOT too."

Damn. What was I sad about again?

Ok, let's put something operaish in. Ok, here, look at this.
(Please ignore the name of the opera company mentioned. My blog has nothing to do with them.)

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