Friday, July 18, 2008

Have I Mentioned Lately That I Love the Internet?

Yes the Internet is a cool, cool place.

About a year ago, possibly more, there was one person who commented on all the Magic Flute videos I posted to YouTube. We had these little comment conversations, and soon he began commenting here on the blog. Then, I don't remember when exactly, we found each other on one of the Social Networking Sites and became friends. We've exchanged emails, chatted online and even spoke on the phone once. Well guess what? He's coming to see Traviata next week!

Now before your mind wanders off in the wrong direction: This is not a romantic attachment. Besides the fact that he has a girlfriend and I have a husband, I'm old enough to be his mother. But thanks to the Internet, we found that we have a similar sense of silly humor and we like much of the same music. He normally lives in Another Country although he's from the states. He's coming back for a visit. He'll be in a Nearby Large City from where it's an easy train ride to the theater. So we're going to meet In Real Life. I've spoken on the phone with a couple of Internet Friends but this will by my first Actual Encounter.

So thanks, YouTube, thanks Magic Flute and of course, thanks Mozart.


Anonymous said...

This is Susan reporting live from an undisclosed location!

Can't wait!

Susan said...

Hmm I wonder where I am?