Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's in My Brain!!!

Had a bizarre dream last night about Traviata. In the dream, it was the opening act. I guess I had already set the table because I was backstage waiting for someone to give me the tray of champagne flutes. Suddenly someone yelled something in Spanish, and then everyone started singing in English. The music changed to I think 80s top 40. Someone handed me my tray only it wasn't a tray - it was this contraption that had wine bottles hanging down from it. It was surprisingly light considering they were all partially filled. So I went on stage and instead of people standing there were little tables. I started to put one bottle on each table. I had to sort of twist the bottle to get it out of the holder. Some had wax around the neck because someone had used them as candle holders, and those got stuck in the holder when I tried to get them out. I also had to move that sugar glass from one of the little tables to the main table. Meanwhile the 80s music was playing and everyone was singing in English. When I went to exit, the stage was much larger than I remember and it took forever to get to the wings. Backstage everyone was like, "What are they doing? Is it because the director isn't here anymore?" And that's pretty much all I remember.

Ok, so the tippy glasses aren't on my mind much... maybe I need a break.

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