Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spillage, Take 2

Today was our second performance, a matinee.

On the door of the dressing room was a note from the director saying how great it was on Friday night, but can the cast please not drop any glasses in act 1 - it looks terrible.

Well yeah, we know. I'd like him to try walking across the stage holding those very light, top-heavy glasses while trying not to trip on a too-long skirt!

So today I had myself so worked up about those darn glasses that I was shaking. Gee, counter-productive or what? It didn't help that I had just had the conversations referred to in my previous post. So I took a deep breath and out I went with my wobbly tray. Instead of crossing downstage to the people on stage right, I headed for the nearest clump. Everyone had seen the signs about dropping the glasses, so thankfully two of the singers took two glasses each and handed one to his companion. I made it off stage without any mishap.

One of my fellow supers, however, was not so lucky. In the very opening scene, when I bring out the flowers and we set the table, her task was to bring full glasses to the table, plus the sugar glass that Violetta later smashes to the floor. As we move forward to set the table, some choristers move across the stage. Everyone was in a slightly different location than they had been before, and someone ran right in front of her, knocking into the tray. It all went down, including the special breakaway glass. Oops. Luckily, since we reenter immediately with our trays of glasses, she was able to get a new sugar glass for the table. And then, once again, I went BACK onstage to clean up the floor. My co-super had wiped some of it up, but it was a Big Splash.

Everything else went smoothly. Everyone sounded great, as usual. Michael and Elizabeth, our Alfredo and Violetta, were wonderful, and of course super sweet. He's so funny. We can see across to the other wings and during the toreador bit he was back there disco dancing to the music.

I would have stayed (and no doubt cried) for Act 3 but Husband had a ticket to a local AA minor league baseball game that evening so I skipped out.

Next performance: Thursday night.


Anonymous said...

Tray difficile!

Susan said...

Be careful, the pun police are on the prowl. ;)