Thursday, July 10, 2008

Alex's First Full Opera - And a Lollipop

Just went for a walk around the block with Alex. Well, I walked, he raced on a Big Wheel. Singing, Zitto Zitto Piano Piano. Why? Because this afternoon we went to the final dress rehearsal of Rossini's La Cenerentola. And you know what? He did really well! For the most part. It was hard for him to sit still for three hours. He was great about whispering until the 2nd act. We were in the very top row, off to one side where there are just 2 seats. Toward the end of the very long first act we did get up and wander along the back and side. He was so good that I promised him a lollipop, and he could earn a 2nd if he continued with his good behavior.

During intermission we were invited to join the Kids Opera Camp in the lobby for a snack, and then the singer who plays Clorinda came out in full costume to talk to the kids.

Alex had a hard time keeping quiet during the 2nd act, but he usually kept it to a whisper. Twice I brought him out to explain that he had to be quiet. I told him he lost his lollipops and had to earn them back.

This is making him sound much worse than he was. For the most part he sat paying attention either on my lap, in his seat or on the ledge. In spite of that, after it ended I apologized to a man who was standing nearby. He said Alex was good except there was a point when the conductor looked back, and perhaps he's too young after all. Oversensitive me, I felt like I was punched in the stomach. My child annoyed the conductor? Was he really that loud? I felt guilty and mad at the guy for telling me that at the same time, not only for the comment about the conductor, but also about the comment about my judgement about bringing Alex. Hey, I'm allowed to judge my behavior, and I admit that perhaps I shouldn't have brought him, but this guy doesn't know my kid or how 4 year olds usually act. So on the way down the stairs I asked Alex if he felt he deserved two lollipops and he said he didn't think he deserved any! Oooh I wanted to find that dude and punch him. Momma Bear on the loose! Here's a kid who loves opera, sings on key and on pitch and wants to be an opera singer when he grows up, and how one comment from this dude makes him feel so bad about himself that he doesn't feel he deserves any lollipop! I told him that he definitely deserves one, so we went to get one. But BOY was I mad.

So if anyone who was there reads this blog, I truly apologize if Alex disturbed you during the opera rehearsal.


DivaVixxen said...

I would be happy to give Alex a lollipop at any point. I can barely sit through an opera, and I am much older!

Susan said...

Oooh freaky our comments crossed! I was commenting on yours while you were commenting on mine! I thought I felt a zap in my brain but I thought it was the drugs...

Susan said...

Oh by the way he doesn't accept candy from strangers. Oh who am I kidding he'd take candy from anyone.