Sunday, July 20, 2008

Graceful Navigation

Received an email from the Guy In Charge of the Supers:

Dear la Traviata Supers

My son and I saw la Traviata Saturday evening and really enjoyed your performances. I'm impressed at how you all gracefully navigated the congested stage.

We filled out a questionnaire which had 5 categories to rate from A-F. We added a 6th, Supers, and gave you guys an A.



p.s. The show received a standing ovation and several curtain calls.

I have to say that the chorus members make it possible for us to do this - they are aware of our presence and help us appear to navigate gracefully. I don't feel particularly graceful when I'm mincing across the stage with that tray of glasses! I just take a deep breath, stand up straight and plunge into the crowd. But they step aside or part for us to move through as part of the action on stage. What a difference from last year when we had to maneuver a pallet with a person on it around someone who refused to take one step to the side to let us pass.

I have one more opportunity to mince gracefully across the stage, but it's a week away. I hope I don't lose all my glass balancing skills between now and then.

That leads me to a question... One entire week between performances... with no rehearsals... will that matter? I wonder if the principals rehearse or go over the music during their time off. I imagine that they sing every day as part of their routine. But do they take this time to review, or do they use it to prepare for their next engagement?

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