Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some Things Never Change - Except for the Magic Number!

For example, I'm still singing those two measures of If Music incorrectly. Like my brain learned it wrong and I can't seem to unlearn it. I can unlearn it... I just have to concentrate. And practice. I have to get my body to remember how it feels to sing it correctly. And I'm talking about 1 note in each of the two measures that leads me into singing a few other notes off, but when I get that one note right, the others are correct too. What else never changes? For Tipsy Waltz - my pronunciation of the words "suis" and "peu." Years and years of French class have me pronouncing them one way, but French has that tricky bit of being different when you sing it. I'd like to know who came up with that bright idea.

Hopefully now that I've written about them, these little problems will miraculously and/or magically correct themselves. C'mon, brain, do it!

Once more lesson before the Big Eval. Two weeks to correct the two words and the two measures in two songs. Is two the new magic number? <-- Two words, two links.

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