Thursday, April 23, 2009

Videos, Part Two

Here are two more videos from the Talent Show.

We didn't rehearse Paper Moon with the main singer guy - can you tell?

Okayyyyy video isn't processing. I'll upload it another time. Moving right along...

The chorus - final number. The words to both choral numbers were changed to reflect where we work and also the coworker who we wish well.

And did you notice, I was wearing my character shoes? Decided to dig them out of the closet and wear them, you know, to get my money's worth.

But seriously, I must say again how talented everyone was. My Papageno partner is great! Such a nice voice, great stage presence, goes with the flow (meaning, my mistakes!!) and so on.

There were a few dance acts - so cool! One couple did the tango. Another did some Israeli dances. A third did real ballroom dancing with all the fancy and crazy moves!! People read poetry, there were a few skits and some more musical numbers too. All in all a very impressive showcase of the talented people I work with. I can't wait to find out how much money we raised.

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