Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spreading It

Spreading what? The joy, of course.

Remember the person who went out and bought Magic Flute after seeing the clips I posted to YouTube? Well she finally had a chance to get together with her friends and watch it. She sent me a great note which, with her permission, I am sharing with you.

The tale actually starts yesterday morning in my italian language lab. We were playing a game where the TA types your favorite song or artist into youtube's search function, and then the class guesses who picked that song or person.

Normally I have halfway-decent control over my actions, but when Francesca
typed in "Nathan Gunn," I lost it completely. I couldn't help grinning and correcting everybody, "no, e una opera". . . "il flauto magico". . . "don't stop the clip!" And besides the fact that my behavior was ridiculous, everybody already knew that I liked opera, and a few remembered that I had mentioned (well, shouted) his name in class a couple of times before, so no one had ANY trouble figuring out that he was my favorite singer. Whether they managed to say so with correct italian grammar is another matter entirely.
Then that evening was Glee Club's first Friday Night Fun, where we were supposed to meet to watch "The Magic Flute." Unfortunately, only four people showed up, including myself. But we all enjoyed it thoroughly, and once again I displayed my geekdom to an unbelievable degree, gushing over the singers' diction, resonance, vibrato, and perfect cutoffs. And since my friends are also voice-studying choir geeks themselves, they agreed with me heartily. Oh, and we were suitably amazed by the puppets, costumes, and set. Holy God. Normally I don't notice those things very much, but I was blown away.

After we watched, of course, I asked everyone if they were now Nathan Gunn fans, and while their responses were not quite as enthusiastic as I had hoped, they were all impressed and agreed that he sounded beautiful and was probably quite good-looking without the feathers, strange makeup, and bird hat.

In other spreading-the-fandom-of-Nathan-Gunn news, I sent two clips to my new
opera-loving friend (C'est Moi and Au Fond du Temple Saint), and she is definitely now a fan, although probably not quite as rabid as others I might mention. And there will be many more group viewings of "The Magic Flute," because I have talked it up to everyone I know, and most expressed interest. Personally, I would like to watch it again tonight, but I had a rehearsal and concert that took up all day, plus two papers to write and another rehearsal tomorrow, so I will have to postpone it. But I am sure that I will watch it at least a couple dozen more times this year.


Just laughing because suddenly I feel like some bizarre cult leader. People come to me for gunninfo (and I don't have it!!nor do I want it) and also to jump and squeal with excitement when they "discover" him. I can relate - I've been there - but I'm well beyond the jumping and squealing stage (plus jumping would be dangerous these days without the right kind of sports top...) so I just smile and nod until they calm down.

Funny too, this evening I was thinking that I wanted to write in the blog but really had nothing to say. Then *poof* three minutes later Amanda's message arrived. I wonder if I can work that (magic flute) magic with anything else?

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