Sunday, April 19, 2009

Planned versus Spontaneous Embarrassment

I still have this, "post a blog entry" feeling so I'm scraping around the dusty corners of my brain for something to write about. Let's see... opera... keeps me awake... price of tickets... voice lessons... being a fan... making videos... embarrassing myself in a variety of ways... going backstage... geez how many days till Lucretia? Because even though I have no plans to do anything except show up, lord knows I'll no doubt have some sort of embarrassing moment. And you know I'll write about it. And I know you all love it. But that doesn't mean I'm going to go out and look for an embarrassing moment just to have something to write about. No need. Trust me, they happen naturally. There's no premeditation. Hm maybe that's the problem. Maybe I should think of every potentially embarrassing interaction I can have with anyone (cough) and that way I'll be prepared. All I need to do is memorize each situation and how to extract myself from it gracefully. And then hope that the other person/people involved follow the script I've written in my head. They never do though...

See, it worked! I went on a small word-association thing, quickly got to embarrassment and suddenly had something to write about.

I'll be off the fluff and back on the content this week as we prepare for this Thursday's benefit thing.


Maria said...

Your blog is great and I love your youtube page!
(Thanks for posting the clips from Nathan Gunn's papageno performance!)

I was just wondering, how does one become a super?

Susan said...

Hello Maria,

Thanks for your comment!

To become a super, contact the opera company you want to perform with and find out what the procedure is. The bigger, more professional opera houses usually have auditions for each production and sometimes even pay a very small amount. Do you live near an opera company? :)