Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Twitter from Houston

Helloooooo Gunnfans. Houston Grand Opera has posted another rehearsal pic to their Twitter account:

Nathan Gunn and Maestro Patrick Summers discuss the finer poi... on Twitpic

Click the pic to go to their original posting where you'll have the option of seeing the larger-than-life, I-can-see-all-your-pores-and-that's-not-a-good-thing version. And try not to snicker that the photo section of Twitter is called "twitpic."

And yes, that means I remembered my Twitter password! Find and follow me there - I'm trying to figure out if/how to link new blog posts to the updates.


Anonymous said...

He definitely got a haircut. Does the color look like a salon job with highlights and lowlights?

(I'm publishing this comment anonymously, but I imagine Susan can look at her reports and see where it comes from.)

Susan said...

I agree that the color seems a bit more... vivid. What's that term when straight guys get salon services? Metrosexual?

And I wasn't going to check my "reports" but since you mentioned it... off I went... and I'm surprised! I thought for sure it was a different anon.