Saturday, April 25, 2009

Surprise Voice Lesson

I missed Thursday's lesson for the event at work. This morning at 9 my teacher called to say she had an opening at 10, did I want it? Perfect timing - Alex has music class in the same building at the same time, and Husband was coming along anyway because we were headed somewhere straight from there.

We decided that for the Evaluation I'd sing The Tipsy Waltz and If Music Be the Food of Love. For the recital in June I'll do If Music and Una Donna a 15 Anni.

So to prep for the eval we went over both songs to fix little things here and there. Decided to try If Music a step lower. The songbook came with a CD that can allegedly do that, plus I have a program on my computer that might be able to handle it.

I like a morning lesson so much better than the evening ones! My only real problem was that I hadn't had my usual allotment of caffeine yet, so really had to concentrate extra hard to stay focused.

I told her how much fun I had performing the other day and she let slip that she'll be performing next Sat night!! It was like pulling teeth to get the info out of her, but I got it. Of course I'm going!! More on that next week.

I think the Voice Eval will be much easier this year than it was last year. I hope. It'll still be my first time with the accompanist for these songs, and I've never actually heard a piano version of Tipsy.

Do you hear that Divavixxen??? I'm singing your audition song for a voice evaluation!!! Any and all professional tips are welcome! Can't wait to hear how they tear my accent apart.

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DivaVixxen said...

How exciting! Stagger away my dear.