Thursday, April 16, 2009

Singers v Lovers

Lucia was on Great Performances last night. The post-show Facebook status updates were veeeery interesting. The opera singer friends on my list were not all that impressed. Their opera singer friends commented on their status updates with various things that were wrong with it, including some Anna bashing. Now, while I prefer Diana Damrau in the role, Anna is no slouch! Her mad scene was great. Her voice… I think I mentioned this before – she caresses the notes. Anyway, I’m not an Opera Singer so my opinion falls into the other category – that of Lover. Live at the Met was best, of course. Live in the movies was great for the big screen, surround sound and behind-the-scenes stuff. So to me, the only "issue" was that my tv isn’t very large and it was rather quiet. Oh and then there was Husband. He graciously "allowed" me to turn off the baseball game and put on Great Performances - very cool. But then during the third act when things were getting intense he remembered that his doctor had suggested he use that wax-dissolving stuff in his ears. Sorry if that's TMI... but anyway... so he used the drops and stuck a tissue into each ear. He looked ridiculous and of course he knew it. Lucia was stumbling around in her bloodied wedding dress while Husband was wiggling his head back and forth the make the tissues wave. Welcome to my life. So overall, I enjoyed the production on TV. The other Opera Lover fans on my friends list seem to agree. We all have our own insider and outsider perspectives. Interesting stuff.

Voice lesson tonight. I was going to call this post, "Back into the Sing of Things" but I do like when the title refers to the majority of the content. Instead I'm mentioning it here because I thought it was clever.

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