Friday, April 24, 2009

Confused Self-Assessment

So I look at the Papageno video and I think, Yikes, how terrible. Then I think, Ok, it's not that bad. Then, Oh yes it is. We were too fast, I sound like air leaking out of a balloon SQUEEEEEEAAAAAK and OOPS I sang the wrong words once! But in spite of all that, all these people came up to me at work today to say how impressed they were. So I have come to the conclusion that while they think they're impressed with my singing, what they're really impressed with is the fact that I'd get up in front of a crowd and make the attempt.

Our director left me a very long, very nice voicemail message this morning, not only about the singing and the dance, but also that my exuberance and excitement sort of set the example for everyone else - that I became a sort of leader. She said something like, "You showed everyone that not only were you a diva with your singing, and you impressed everyone with those high notes, you were also willing to do the boring stuff in the chorus, and you volunteered to do other menial type tasks, and you handled the technical glitch so smoothly, and you sang along with Paper Moon without really knowing it..." On and on. My thought about being stage manager was, hey, I get to boss people around! And I actually did have to sort of push some people onto the stage before they felt they should enter. But we wanted a seamless show without any dead space so that was the only way to do it. Seriously though it was such a nice message - I got a little weepy listening to it. I was just being myself yesterday - I had no idea I was setting an example. Glad it was a good one. For a change. Hahahaha!

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Susan said...

Commenting on my own post.
I mentioned my dissatisfaction with hearing the recording to a professional opera singer friend. She recommended not paying any attention to how I sound in a recording because I'll never ever be happy with it. I've heard that before. Trying to follow her advice!