Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tech-ish Rehearsal: Interesting things

Yesterday we had what I would call a tech rehearsal for the talent show. It was interesting since not everyone could make it. Basically we practiced getting on and off the stage quickly as each act was introduced. I volunteered to be the stage manager which means I have to tell everyone, "Now! Go!" when they need to get out there. By the way I use the term "stage" loosely. It's really just an area of the floor near the wall of the cafeteria where the tables and chairs have been cleared away.

One of the acts is a guy playing guitar while someone sings, "Paper Moon." The singer guy couldn't make it so my Papageno partner and I ended up singing it. I didn't know the words or the tune so that was interesting. Actually it's a pretty easy song and fun to sing. The director decided that we should be backup singers if the scheduled singer shows, otherwise we'll be the main singers for this one.

Then my friend and I did our Papageno Papagena duet. Interesting thing about this was that we had no accompanist because she thought the rehearsal was in a different location so she was there wondering where everyone else was... so we sang a capella and it was great fun! We improvised the movements and it was... easy! We played off each other and sang to each other while still singing to the audience. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! I felt really good about the rehearsal. Hopefully the performance itself will be as fun - I'm really looking forward to it! We have one run-through on Thursday afternoon and then the show is Thursday evening.

Oh one other interesting thing - the Paper Moon guitar player was standing there when the director was explaining about my lambada-ish thing during the opening number. She asked if he would be willing to stand sort of near the stage so I could do my thing. Then I went over to him, put both my hands on one shoulder and said, "Sort of like this..." So totally deadpan he said, "I don't think I'm comfortable with that." The director was like, "Uh, ok... if you're not comfortable, we don't..." and he cut her off, "Are you kidding? Of COURSE it's ok." *blush* It was funny. And sort of flattering. But mostly funny because he totally got us with his deadpan line.

The whole thing will be recorded so I'll eventually post the relevant parts.


Paper Moon guitarist said...

Thanks to Susan and her Papageno for filling in for the Paper Moon number during tech rehearsals. The final show ended-up being better for their back-ups. And thanks to Susan for 'entertaining' me.

Susan said...

Hee hee You're welcome.