Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Warming Up - The Big Relax

So tomorrow is that voice evaluation. I've been practicing my two songs. I can sing them just fine, meaning, I can sing all the notes. But singing is so much more than just hitting the notes! For Lasciatemi Morire I definitely feel the pain as I sing it and my voice teacher told me that it does come through, but then we added the ornamentation two weeks ago... I find myself becoming conscious of it, like, I break out of my misery and think, "Ok, here it comes, gotta get the timing right..." and then mechanically it sounds ok, but that's just it - it's mechanic, not melodic. This morning in the shower (where else?!) I realized that I've practiced it enough and I don't need to be conscious of the notes that much - they'll just come. So hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to relax (yeah uh huh) and let them just come. Might have to pretend I'm in my living room instead of that classroom.

So for Goodnight My Someone - Still working on the damn legato. I stitch the words together and it still sounds choppy. I know I can do it, but why won't it just happen? I know, I know... relax. Dumb jaw. Let it just come. Be Marian the Librarian, looking for that special someone who must be out there just waiting to fall in love with her. Thanks to my teenage mindset I can lapse into that longing-for-a-boyfriend feeling pretty easily. I have found that I have more legato if I sing it quietly, so maybe I have to tone it down a bit, use a little less energy. Maybe it's a muscular control thing, and when I sing it quietly I have more control than when I let 'er rip.

Main point here: Relax, Relax Relax!


poltergeist said...

I know it is difficult to relax, but what I would try to do is to think: here we are, just me and the music. And just sing, as if there was nobody evaluating you.
I hope this helps you.

Good luck!!!

Susan said...

Yes it does, thank you! One thing I forgot to post is that I'll have a live accompianist, which I've never had before. But I've decided not to worry about that at all - I'm just going to pretend I'm in my living room doing what I do to lapse into the feelings for the music, if that makes sense, and just go. I hope they don't run late b/c then I'll be in the hallway waiting... listening to the High Llamas to keep calm. ;)

Mandolin Vision said...

When Juan Diego Florez was asked in one of his interviews what the most important quality for a tenor ( I guess, for any opera singer) is, he said: "Steel nerves". Don't worry - you'll do just fine, and remember what Juan Diego said, because he does know what he is talking about.
Good luck!

poltergeist said...

Yes, that's it!! To imagine youself in your living room always works!!! ;)
The accompianist doesn't rehearse with you before the evaluation?

well, no worries at all...and good luck again!

Anonymous said...

The thing that seems to help me the most is picturing myself after the event is over. Whether it be public speaking or a dreaded meeting, the more I do it, the more it seems to work.

Best of luck.

Susan said...

I don't have nerves of steel, although I can see where that would come in handy. Instead I'll use my "Who cares?" attitude and just... sing my heart out. :) Just... sing.
Thanks for all the support and advice! :)