Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Quick Pipette Update

My poor little future opera singer... we went to his cousin's birthday party on Saturday, 1.5 hours from home... he went outside to play and within a minute was having trouble breathing. Pollen was flying everywhere... so we came in and did a double breathing treatment with that little machine and he showed no improvement. SCARY doesn't begin to describe it. Luckily for all involved, my brother, whose house we were at, just happens to be an ER doctor specializing in pediatrics. He assured me that Alex was ok and didn't need to go to the hospital because he was showing no signs of retraction. He said that in the ER they would put him on a pulse ox, give him a double dose of the meds like we did and would give him prednisone if he didn't improve. He just happened to have some prednisone pills (I didn't ask why, I was just thankful) so he calculated the dosage based on Alex's weight, ground some up and mixed them with applesauce. Meanwhile I put a call into the pediatrician. She called back within 15 minutes (thanks to what I said to the service, that he was having an acute attack and not responding to treatment.) I explained where we were, what happened and what we did. I couldn't tell if she was annoyed or not but she did rx some more prednisone b/c you have to take it for a few days. Poor guy coughed and wheezed all the way home. It was pitch black and pouring and I was trying to figure out where the nearest hospital was for the entire drive. Then, to top it off, when we got home there was one of those giant hairy scary bugs also known as a house centipede on the wall that I had to remove myself.... eewwwwwwwww. WARNING: Do not click on those links unless you are ready to be completely GROSSED OUT.

Husband is not allowed to go away for a week ever again.

Edited to add: He's much better now, no more wheezing !! He's still hoarse from all the coughing but hopefully will be back to singing his favorite arias soon. Oh and just to make this a bit more operatically themed, I let him watch TV while he does the breathing machine, and lately he has been asking to watch what he calls, "Figaro, when the cart comes out," which is "All'Idea di Quell Metallo" (I apologize for the spelling errors there...) and then after that "the part where they chase him," meaning, rewinding to when Count Almaviva tells the musicians to go and they run after him thanking him loudly so he'll give them more money to be quiet and leave, from the Met's Barbiere. I asked him why he likes All'idea - is it the cart or the music? And he said he likes the music at that point where the cart comes out. That's the "numero quindici" part of the duet. I like it too!


Kaitebon said...

All'Idea is the best song in Il Barbiere di Siviglia!

Mandolin Vision said...

I hope your little singer feels better soon!

Susan said...

Thank you R! He's doing much better. Husband returns on Friday, hopefully with a bag full of duty-free goodies and UK candy.