Friday, May 23, 2008

Diagonally Speaking

I'm sure that the question in everyone's minds since my last post (for which I apologize as it upset one of the writers, and that wasn't my intent), do I sleep diagonally in the bed when Husband is away?

Nope. I don't.

I do, however, pile a king sized down comforter over on his side of the bed so I have something warm to cuddle up to.

Ok stop laughing now!

Some women watch chick flicks to while their husbands are away. I take advantage of his absence to rewatch operas that I have saved on the DVR without feeling embarrassed ("You're watching that AGAIN?") and on YouTube without worrying that Husband will glance over ("You're watching that AGAIN???"). Hey, I'm like a kid - I'll watch or listen to the same thing over and over if I really like it. I also often reread books I like. You notice different things each time. Of course with videos you do also start to notice every quirk and movement.

So anyway, Husband has returned from the UK with various bars of candy as well as some packets of disgusting flavored crisps: prawn, chicken and others. And some strange bacon things... and, of course, Jelly Babies. Yum.


Mandolin Vision said...

"You are watching that AGAIN?"
Oh, this is definitely something I keep hearing from MY husband every time I really like some opera clip and watch it again.
Join the club,girl!

Susan said...

LOL Glad to know I'm not the only one. And notice that I never complain about Alex wanting to watch Magic Flute or Barbiere over and over and over... ;) "Sure Honey, what part? Oh, Pa Pa Pa again? Ok. When the musicians chase the Count? No problem"