Monday, May 12, 2008

By (Anon) Request - More Sap

Ok, ok. Here's another. I already posted 4 Camelot vids to YouTube but since someone made a special request and all... but I'm going to embed it because I'm too lazy to upload.

I still prefer the opera. This is just a bit too sappy for me. But like I said, it was by request, and who am I to refuse to share something Gunnish with a new fan? But go to YouTube and see the opera videos, OK??????

Edited to add:

Ooh crippy quality from YouTube. Ok ok I'll upload it.


Anonymous said...

I promise I'll check out the opera, too. Used to go to the LA Opera a few times a year, then things got busy. It may be time to start going again. Thanks very much...

Susan said...

You're welcome! I'm happy to share. It's what I do. :)
Have you checked out Nathan's Yahoo fan group? There's a link to it from here.
I agree, get yourself back to the opera! :)