Friday, May 30, 2008

Wait Did I Write This?

I was experimenting to see if I could do a Google search that would cause my blog to come up on the first page. I did manage it, and also came across this entry in someone else's blog. I felt like I was reading my own writing when I read it.

A sample line from that entry:
Thank the gods of beautiful almost-naked men for that! It was worth the cost of tickets solely for that one scene of Nathan Gunn half naked!
This is not an opera blogger - just an account of someone's night at the opera. Click the link to find out which one. Or just read the tags here...

Fiddling with the Technorati widget. It suddenly was showing half sentences of the sites that linked here, over on the right side. I fiddled with the code and couldn't get rid of it without compromising the look of the buttons. Will keep trying as I kind of like it.

Finally, on a TOTALLY unrelated note, Husband informed me that several political bloggers participate in what they call, "Cat Pic Friday" where they post a picture of a cat on their blog on, you guessed it, Fridays. I'm frantically trying to think of a way to relate this to opera so I can bore everyone with pictures of my cats once a week. I'll keep working on it. Until then, here's Diego when he was still kittenish. WAIT!!! He's named after Juan Diego Florez. That makes it opera related, right?

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