Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So to get over my disappointment, first I went and made a whole bunch of earrings.

Next I tried some online shopping. Didn't buy anything, but loaded up a few carts here and there.

Now here I am, blogging. Actually, first I sang. I sang sad songs to fit my mood and happy songs to lift me out of it. Then the earrings, then the non-shopping and NOW the blogging.

I was feeling all pathetic and sad and made a mental list of all the operatic disappointments I've experienced. I realized that there was no point to that, and I should instead focus on the opera joys. After all, isn't that the advice I'd give someone else? So to be fair, I'll list both.


Um... in no particular order:

Ok ok enough! Joys, in no particular order:

Look! The joys list is much longer than the disappointment list, and I've probably left stuff off. Just go back to the beginning and read through the entire blog.

Ok I'm crying now - those last few posts about Alex did it - damn maternal hormones - so it's time to post.

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Banawoman said...

Hey! You saved me a $27 therapy co-pay today! Thanks for the good reminders about which list is ALWAYS longer.