Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pearls and Polka-Dots

As expected, I'm not happy with how I performed during the eval. I guess some of it was ok, but...

Ok so I warmed up, dressed nicely and went out. Well, first, I meant to change into my lucky polka-dot undies before going. I always sing well when I'm wearing the polka-dots. However, when I went upstairs to change, by the time I got there I forgot why I had gone up, so I left in the pair with the little roses. I remembered when I got to the car. Superstition... next time I'm going back to change.

So my eval was set for 6:20. I got there just after 6 and went to wait in the adjacent classroom. I was stretching, humming and sitting on the wall when one of the evaluators stuck her head in and asked if I'd like to go now because the person scheduled before me wasn't there yet. So in I went. And there they were - three voice teachers sitting in desks in the front row about 4 feet away. I started with the Tipsy Waltz and I thought I was doing ok... then I got the nervous warblies in my voice - you know what I'm talking about? I kept on going, the post-nasal drip caused a few cracks... and then... in the 2nd verse I forgot the words of one part! I fudged my way through and didn't flinch. Figured I could worry about it later, meanwhile, go on singing the best I can. Then I sang If Music be the Food of Love. Well first the accompanist played it in the wrong key! She started playing and I was like... uh... and my teacher said, "Wait!" and the accompanist said, "Whoops, what am I doing?" It was actually a good thing - it gave me a chance to recover a bit more. So on we went, I lapsed into my If Music character and gave it my all.

Afterwards my teacher said to focus on the things that went well and not worry about any mistakes. She said that the evaluators know how to hear through the nervousness and cracks, that I did very well and that she was impressed that I didn't acknowledge my errors in any physical way.

I have to say, it was way easier singing in front of a crowd of people at that talent show last month than it was singing in front of 3 people who are looking at you and scribbling about you while you're singing. You're going along and then suddenly one of them starts writing. Why? What did you just do? But you can't think about it, you have to keep on going. I think that's what caused my warbling voice. Next time I'll have to hide my view of the desktops with a music stand or something.

Anyway, tomorrow I get the results.

When I got home I noticed the pearl was missing from my ring. Oh no!! Then I remembered my ring catching in my hair when I was braiding it, and sure enough, there was the pearl... not in my hair, but on the rug in front of the mirror. Whew. Which meant I was there with an empty ring. I'm surprised I didn't notice. I'm glad I didn't. I'm sure they didn't. But of course I have to work that into a superstition, somehow. Guess I won't be wearing that ring the next time I perform. Well not only because of superstition but also because I probably won't have gotten it repaired by then.

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Papagenist said...

I'll bet you did better than you think you did. I know from experience (both voice-recording and live performance) that I rarely look or sound as nervous as I feel ("but you look so *calm* onstage!"), and mistakes that seem obvious to me when I'm making them are often inaudible to others ("why did you break off? That take sounded fine to me"). I know it's tough to have people scribbling while you sing, but remember -- they could be writing about how GOOD you sound.