Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Disappointment to the Max

Just heard from the super captain. I wasn't picked for Abduction.
Why why why???? I'm eager and willing. I have experience. I love supering. I bring gummy worms to the green room. Do I not fit the slave girl suit? Or...?? I'm ready to cry. I cry too easily, I know. I'm just so bitterly disappointed.

On the positive side, that leaves my summer free...

That didn't work. I still feel like crying. Boo hoo.


DivaVixxen said...


Susan said...

I know, you're worried about that drink I promised you, aren't you.
Now I need it.

Papagenist said...

What a shame, Susan -- I'm really sorry. I know you wanted it.

Believe me, I've been there, a number of times, with tryouts for plays, musicals -- not to mention job interviews. It doesn't make it any easier to try the next time, but you will, nonetheless, because you'll still want it -- and next time, you'll get it.

I promise to buy you a girltini this weekend.

Susan said...

Haha thanks P. You keep changing your username on me here... but I think I know who you are.

It wasn't like I had to try - all I did was send my photo and bio. But yes, I've been there before too and I know the disappointment will pass. And now my summers are free, free, free. And next time I will once again submit my photo and bio...

I'm still sad though.