Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Perplexing Perspective

La Cenerentola in HD was great. I'll post about that later. First I want to ask a question.

Why do some people assume the worst and jump to conclusions?

During intermission of today's broadcast, I checked my email and found a new comment here. Looks like someone took offense that I shared HGO's twitter with the code for the $11 opera tickets. Go ahead, click the link and read the comment and my reply. I mean, seriously, has that person read any other entry in this blog? (actually I know the answer to that) They accuse me of not doing research... yet they jump to this conclusion that I'm throwing out nasty posts about their beloved organization after reading just a few of my blog entries. They have not seen my twitter posts or comments on HGO's twitter posts. So I was kind of taken aback. Am I so naive that I get flustered when people assume the worst and accuse me of things? Am I too friggin nice????

Mind you, this is not the first time someone has jumped to conclusions and accused me of something mean or sneaky related to opera in spite of what I thought was obvious niceness on my part.

And again, I happen to know how many people read the blog. It's not a lot. It may look like a lot if you click on one of the tracker links and glance at the list, but most of the people who come are searching for house centipede, voluMptuous women and the Jane Austen quotes. Oh and a few people search, "I'd rather grammar" and things about something keeping them awake. So the point is, even if I were being intentionally mean or sneaky, about 25 people are actually seeing it. My blogging has very little power. It will not affect anyone's career. I wish it would, because I have lots of nice things to say about my opera singing friends!!!

That leads to another question: In all honesty, does my blog come across as an attack on opera companies or anyone, in general? I'm silly, I make fun sometimes, but... Is this a mean flaming blog? Because to me it's a place where I share my enthusiasm about opera as I learn more about it, about opera singers I like, about singing and so on.

Yesterday it was the blues, today it's the perplexes. Ha ha is that a word? It is now.

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