Monday, May 18, 2009

A Most Helpful Comment

I figure a lot of the people who read the blog (besides the house centipede people, they don't count) don't read the comments for each and every post. Well in this particular case I am going to send you all over here to read the very very nice anon comment. I have been following that person's advice about regal posture and so on and already I can hear and feel a difference. I'm also trying to change my attitude about what I can do. Anon is right - I do chicken out at the high notes and I know I can sing them. When I do vocal exercises I can do them just fine. I somehow psych myself out over certain combination of notes and vowels ... why? Ah who the heck knows? There's a reason I call my voice lessons psychotherapy sessions. And as great as my teacher is, sometimes hearing stuff I already know, stuff she's taught me but for whatever reason haven't been able (or willing?) to do, hearing this from a different source, with different words or something, can kick-start me onto the right path. I still feel myself wanting to hold back on those certain notes here and there, but I'm working on it. Thank you anon!!!!

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