Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mini Opera Adventure and More

Last night I went to a jewelry store, of all places, to see an Arias and Art Songs thing presented by a local organization called The Opera Project.

I found out about the event from an old friend (as in, high school!) who is friends with the woman who owns the jewelry store. So this friend of mine went to support her friend, the entire time saying, "Me? Opera? I don't know..." while I kept assuring her that she will leave in awe of the music people are able to produce from their bodies.

The program was in two acts. Most of the singers in the first act were older and pretty much... in my league! I thought, "Holy S***! I could sing with this group!!" The second half was mostly younger people who definitely have a future in opera. Beautiful voices, beautiful performances, the whole package. Totally out of my league.

Some time in the middle of the second half my friend said something like, "Wow. This is an entirely different level of good singing - it's nothing like American Idol - and I thought the people on that show were good." Yeah no kidding. I actually have never seen American Idol but I can imagine. So when she said that inside I was like, "Hooray!!! She likes it!!!" Or at least she appreciated and understood the appeal.

At some point I got around to reading the blurb on the back of the program. Turns out the Opera Project is two groups - The Opera Project itself supports young singers by providing rehearsal and recital opportunities they wouldn't otherwise have since they're not yet "finished." Then the other group is the Classical Singers Network, for people just like me!! People who maybe started later in life studying voice, who get together to support one another, give feedback and finally, because of the Opera Project, are able to perform in recitals such as the one I saw yesterday. Amazing! So after the performance I found the Guy in Charge and asked him how one gets involved. I explained when I started studying voice, and where, and he was very enthusiastic. Their group is made pretty much exactly for people in my situation, as he cornily said, to give people like me the "operatunity" to perform! I'll call him during the week. I think I want to talk to my voice teacher first. I guess I could call her rather than wait until Thursday... we'll see. I imagine I'll have to audition or something - I definitely need to talk with my teacher before I call this guy!

Another Fun Fact about the evening was that one of the singers was in the chorus when I supered in Romeo two years ago, so of course I had to have the, "You look familiar..." chat and then I helped him guess how he knew me.

Spent this evening making some earrings... I just need to figure out how and where to sell them so I can go to more opera and pay for more voice lessons!!!!

Finally - I've added a new blog link to the list to the right: Once More With Feeling. Check it out!

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