Friday, May 8, 2009

How Much Did You Pay for Yours?

I never understood why airline prices were so wacky. All these people on the same exact flight, and chances are some paid a lot more than others.

Today, HGO's Twitter update:

HouGrandOperaHGO loves twitter! All open seats for Sat night BRIEF ENCOUNTER for $11.25! promo code NEXUS hit go&choose seats

Yeah. Can you imagine... you paid $200 for your orchestra seat. The dude two rows behind you paid... $11.25. That's less than the cheapest glass of champagne at the Balcony bar at the Met.

Speaking of the Met, why doesn't the Met ever do that? Although their $25 pool thingee isn't bad... if you get picked... and I never do...

Cenerentola in HD tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

As a long time subscriber and supporter of the amazing Houston Grand Opera, I can tell you that all of the great seats for Brief Encounter have been sold. You will not find a full price ticket buyer sitting next to someone who bought a ticket for $11.25! I called the HGO office and they explained that this offer is to help those that cannot financially pay for a full priced ticket. Its part of a whole initative that is corporate supported to help bring opera to everyone. I think you should check your facts before you throw something out on the internet that is harmful to one of the most important not for profit operas in America. The company as a whole has done more work in the community to advance the art and make it available to everyone than any other opera company in the world. Check out their website...all of it... for the facts about this amazing arts organization before you put out a negative post on your blog.

Susan said...

First I must say that I had no idea that my blog entry would be taken in such a way.

I apologize if you took something negative away from this post. I posted the link to the great deal on tickets and basically congratulated HGO on providing the deal by wishing that the Met would do it here where I live. I had no harmful intent. Just the opposite!

I wish I could take advantage of the offer. I wish the seemingly overpriced (yes I know they have to pay the rent, etc) opera company near me would have offers like that. And yes, it crossed my mind that there might be some people out there who might feel a bit odd about the price difference. And you know what? My next thought was, if it were me, well, the price supports the opera company. I didn't think I needed to say that, because my support of all things opera, whether it's opera singers, opera companies, supernumeraries or whatever, comes across in my blog. I can't afford to send money or buy the expensive tickets, so my moral support is all I really have to give, and I do give it.

Please read through my blog to see my support of HGO and other opera companies. My attitude is always one of support, and never one of harm or bad wishes. Again, I apologize for your misunderstanding. Feel free to email me at if you wish to discuss this some more.

Jimmy Geist said...

Wow, first of all, let me say: if you're going to be a nuisance, coming onto someone's blog and absurdly bashing their post, you could at least have the courage to sign your message instead of "anonymous".
I don't know what snapped in your mind when you read the post- it escapes me how you came to the conclusion that you did.
This whole blog is a haven for opera lovers who are just venturing into the fascinating lyrical sphere- I don't see any room for useless antagonism that is baseless. "harmful"? "negative?" WOW. Where did she demonstrate those qualities? You were so vehement in your outrage that you called the opera company. DA-AMN. How about you take a breather and not project your own rage onto somebody else's words.
Critique and feedback is, I believe, appreciated by bloggers. However, futile harassment and know-it-all retorts are simply embarrassing for everybody.
You say to read a whole website; practice what you preach and go through the archives of THIS website and take a gander at the enthusiasm and support that is conveyed by its writer for the initiatives of numerous Opera Houses. Since you so insist on sticking with the facts, avoid respectable personal impressions masqueraded as preposterous certitudes "than any opera company in the world."
Exercise proper etiquette and avoid spitting spite onto a blogger all the while hiding behind the thin veil of anonymity that the internet offers. If you're gonna punch, you can at least stick your chin out.

I have nothing else to say to you.

-Jimmy ( )

Susan said...

Wow Jimmy! Thanks for jumping to my defense!!

And to Anon - I will assume that your comment was made hastily and perhaps you had something else on your mind at the time. Please continue to read and hopefully enjoy my silly blog. Please comment too, and use the Anon option if you wish to remain anon. That's why it's there.