Monday, May 18, 2009

The Other Part of My Blog - Button Your Lip

Voice lessons. Singing. Studying voice. That's one part of my blog. Now, just because I haven't blogged about That Other Stuff doesn't mean that the Other Stuff isn't happening. It's just not happening here on the blog.

So in a few weeks I'll be meeing Banawoman, in person, and together we'll be going to see Rape of Lucretia in Philadelphia. I've been so busy with real life that I haven't even thought about it yet, beyond what to wear. I've narrowed that down to about 3 things. Hmm maybe I'll wear layers and peel one off every few hours - instant new outfit! Ok maybe not but it seemed like a good idea for a millisecond. Except for the shoes.

And of course people are asking me, are you going to get backstage? (no!)
Are you waiting by the stage door afterwards? (Unlikely!) (Ok, maybe)
Will you simply smile and nod and say nothing beyond, "great performance," or something similar? Well, remember that scene in Bugs Bunny where the guy says, "Button your lip," and the sidekick buttons his lip? That'll be me, with the button.

"Rabbit season opens today. "Hundreds of hunters swarm the countryside."
Boy, am I glad I live in the city where it's safe.
A guy could get killed out in the country with all them guns going off.
Couple of times around the park, Mac.

Okay, take off, Mugsy.

I don't mind sharing the ride, but all this laundry! After all...

Stop right there, rabbit.

How much do you know?

Who, me? I know lots of things.

Two and two is four. Carson City is the capital of Nevada.

George Washington was the first President.

Cut it.

This guy knows too much, Mugsy.

We'll take him for a ride.

Okay, boss.

I just love rides. Especially on a lovely spring day.
There's nothing like a motor ride to relax one.

Through winding roads, past the green meadows...

- and down shady lanes.
- Shut up!

Shut up? Why, certainly.

You don't think I'm the kind to keep blabbing?

Some people never know when to stop. When I'm told to shut up, I shut up.

Shut up shutting up.

Hey, Mugsy, if you see a nice, clean gas station, would you stop, please?

I'll need a nickel. Thanks.

Hello, Police Department? I've got the bank robbers.

We're on Highway 55, headed west.

We're driving a '52 Acme, straight eight.

Overhead valves!

With California license plates!

Operator, we've been disconnected.

Come on, rabbit, get out there and see if the coast is clear.

Okay, boss.

Okay, all clear.

Hey, how about a break for lunch?

Keep working, rabbit.

Yeah, keep working, rabbit.

Shut up!

What did I do, boss?

I said button your lip.

Okay, boss.

How's this, boss?

Well, here it is, all done...

but there's a wheel missing.

I'm afraid you're stuck.

We're not stuck, rabbit.

You're stuck.

Yeah, we're not stuck.

Shut up!

Hey, Mugsy...

let's take the scenic route.

Mugsy, take this rabbit...

into the other room and let him have it.

Okay, boss.

All right, Mugsy, let me have it.

Come, you heard what the boss said.

Let me have it.

Okay, but...

That's better.

I let him have it, boss, just like you said.

Get off!

I guess I'll have to take care of that rabbit myself.

All right, Clancy, take the boys and surround the house.

Jiggers, the cops.

Hide me! Quick, hide me.

Here, hide in here, quick.

Hide me, too. Hide me!

It's not fair. You've got to hide me, too.

I must be dreaming.

It couldn't be this easy.

Okay, quick. Hide in here.

Now don't move until I tell you to.

All right, open up. This is the police.

All right, where's Rocky? Where's he hiding?

- He's not in this stove. - He's hiding in that stove, eh?

Now look, would I turn on this gas if my friend Rocky was in there?

You might, rabbit, you might.

Would I throw a lighted match in there if my friend was in there?

All right, rabbit, you've convinced me.

I'll look for Rocky in the city.

The coast is clear, fellas. They've gone.

Okay, Clancy, take the boys and surround the house.

Jiggers, fellas, the cops.

Open up, this is the police.

All right, rabbit, where's Rocky? Where's he hiding?

He's not in this stove.

He's hiding in the stove, eh?

Would I turn on the gas if he was in there?

You might, rabbit. You might.

Would I throw a lighted match in there if he was in there?

Oh, no you don't!

Take me with you! Don't leave me here with him!

I confess. I did it! Arrest me!

Hello. Bugs Bunny, Private Eyeball.

Thugs thwarted, arsonists arrested, bandits booked, forgers found...

counterfeiters caught, and chiselers chiseled.


Banawoman said...

I think wearing layers is a great idea. You can do a slow strip tease from row 4. I'll pretend not to know you. (That was my plan anyway.)

Susan said...

Pretend whatever you want as long as you pay for the ticket! (And you can wear the layers and do that striptease thing. I don't do that... well, not for that crowd.)