Sunday, June 7, 2009


Wow that was SO MUCH FUN!!! I loved performing tonight!! I started out a bit wobbly. I know I made some mistakes, and there are a few cracks in there, and so on, but it didn't matter. I had a blast!

Everyone did pretty well except for the poor girl who went right after me. She's 11 years old. Yes, 11. She pulled a total Cindy Brady and just froze up there. She looked down and mumbled the songs, forgot the words, plundered on through, but she stayed up there through both songs! She sat and cried through the rest of the evening. She was so brave to stay up there! As soon as it was over I went over to tell her how brave I thought she was, and how it'll get easier, and so on.

At the end I gave flowers to my teacher and the accompanist. Then I went out with a friend who had come to support me. Husband had already left with 5 year old Alex (I still CANNOT believe that he's FIVE!!!) pretty much right after I performed, as it would have been asking far too much of Alex to have him sit still and quietly through all the other singers.

Now I want to perform again. It gets easier every time. More, I want more! Wheeeeeee!!!!!


Susan Eichhorn-Young said...

brava!!! what an accomplishment!!! And your hair wasn't in your face at all!!! lol

Susan said...

Thank you Susan! And I knew better than to let even 1 stray hair come forward, lol.