Friday, June 5, 2009

Five Years!

The Littlest Opera Singer turns 5 tomorrow! Just finished making this crazy cake:

It's a sheet cake, a bundt cake and some leftover cupcakes from the batch he brought to school.

Stack it all up, pour on the frosting, dot it with marshmallows and open a container of sprinkles over the top and there you have The Crazy Colorful Cake!

The center of the bundt is filled with runny frosting and then I jammed a cupcake in on top. Can't wait to cut it!

We'll have a total of 18 people. I think I made Too Much Cake.

I'll have to leave mid-afternoon tomorrow for the rehearsal. Maybe I'll bring my teacher a piece.

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DivaVixxen said...

Stuck in rehearsal. So sorry to miss all the fun!!!