Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Reviews are...Nowhere?

Getting ready for my next operatic adventure: Opera Philly, The Rape of Lucretia. Well, I'm trying to get ready. Thought I'd peek around to see if there were any reviews online. I never know if I should read the reviews or go with no preconceived notions, but I don't seem to have an option here - there seem to be no reviews online about this production.

There are these rehearsal photos, taken by the Philadelphia Inquirer:
The guy on the chair is Ben Wager. When I was a super in Romeo, he starred in another production that same summer with the same opera company. So I didn't work directly with him, but I know who he is - we've been to the same parties.

Yeah, ok, does this remind anyone else of those high school photos where there was always some wise guy trying to sneak in a gesture?
It's hard to tell from the pictures what the setting is. Bill Burden is in a 20th century suit and tie, but his role as Male Chorus doesn't necessarily have to be from the same time period as the story he tells. The tent and costumes are from... I don't know.
I think I'm glad there are no reviews out there. I'm working myself up for a heartwrenching story. Note to self: Get waterproof mascara.

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examsdiva said...

I saw The Rape of Lucretia on Sunday. If possible, try to hear the pre-performance lecture. It is very entertaining and informative. I found the opera to be haunting - at times spare, at other times lush. The singing and acting was superb. As for Nathan Gunn's portrayal of Tarquinius, all I have to say is what rock buried deep in his soul did he have to overturn to find that character.

Banawoman said...

Don't worry too much about crying during the opera. By your own admission, you cry at every opera. You'll be sitting next to Happy Happy Joy Joy (Bana)woman who will be over the moon at being so close to ....everyone on stage (and trying to witthold her opinion that less is more in the wardrobe department).