Saturday, June 20, 2009

$2 Toys!

Went to a rummage sale at a local church yesterday. I got there soon after it opened so I had first pick at all the goodies.

The CD rack was at the back of this table in the corner of the dimly lit basement, and there were boxes of books on the floor in front, so I could barely see the titles. But look what I got!! $2 each!!!

All I could make out on this one was "Mozart" and "Operatic Moments" so I grabbed it.

It wasn't until I put it on the table to pay that I saw the list of singers!! Netrebko! Florez! Bartoli! Fleming! And singers NOT listed on the cover... like, Natalie Dessay ...uh oh I just dropped it on the floor trying to look at the booklet... oops... it's ok... whew. So she and Juan Diego Florez each sing an aria from an opera I've never heard of (which doesn't surprise me as I've really only heard of the famous ones) called Mitridate. Oooh look at the link - he was 14 when he wrote it!! Click on that link above the photo to get to the Amazon listing with all the details and audio clips. It's so nice to have an opera highlight CD that doesn't have overtures. I mean, I like overtures, but not mixed in a track listing of various arias from various operas.

I also grabbed this - Mozart's Magic Fantasy.

I've heard this before - I got it out of the library - but I think that particular copy was scratched and skippy.

If I didn't have Alex tugging at me (Mommy can we get this? Can we get that?) I would have looked for more! The entire sale was a success for us - For Alex I got what I thought was a toy car for 10 cents, turns out it's a transformer - it has a little motorcycle inside AND it twists into a robot. Got some other great toys too, all under $1. But these CDs... they're MY toys!


Lydia said...

Rummage sales might just be the best thing since chocolate stores. =)

And I'm glad there's someone else who shares my opinion on opera overtures. They just kind of bug me. :p

tcarstetter said...

I, too discovered lovely things at a rummage sale at the library I voluteer at.This April, I found a LP of Rossini's William Tell Overture conducted by Thomas Beecham and a cassette of opera arias with various artists, such as Corelli,Sutherland and Prey (who was an adorable Papageno!)