Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No, You Don't Know

Rant time.

An acquaintance saw the videos of the recital and called to tell me how much she liked it but... was I warmed up for the first song? Because I seemed a lot more warmed up by the time I sang the second song. (um... I was plenty warmed up, but a tad bit nervous?) And then... "I know you want to sing only opera, (you do?) but you should sing musical theater." She lots of nice things about me having a great stage presence, all sorts of very nice things, and then, "I know you just sing what your teacher recommends you sing, (you do?) but I think you should tell her that you want to sing musical theater, and you should give her the music." (I should?)

What? I mean, it was really nice of her to compliment me - I thanked her up and down for that, I truly appreciate it and never expect it - it continually surprises me - but what's with the assumptions about what I want to sing or what my relationship with my teacher is? She took voice lessons for a couple of years a Long Time Ago so I wonder if maybe she's projecting. I sort of ignored her "advice" as it was based on incorrect assumptions (ah how often does that happen to all of us???) while thanking her profusely for her kind words.

It's not my intention to come across as mean here - she really was very nice, and has nothing but good intentions, and I truly am grateful and thankful that she wants to help - but she just got so darn pushy with her "I know..." this and "I know...." that, telling me what I should do, when really she has no idea. Is it wrong of me to get annoyed? Ask me again in a week, I'm sure I'll have a totally different reaction.

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Susan Eichhorn-Young said...

everybody's an expert...lol