Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Message from My Subconscious?

Last night I dreamt that I was backstage at my local opera company watching people get ready for the piano dress of Abduction. Someone was all freaked out because three of the chorus members were sick and couldn't make it. I asked if they need anyone to help fill the space on the stage - I could throw a dress on and just stand there. There was one official-type woman back there but she said she didn't have the authority to make that kind of decision, so they'll just have to go with an uncrowded stage. I think it was a party scene. Then someone pointed out one of the supers to me. She was in a colorful bra-top with a sort of gauzy shirt over it, and blue jeans. I tried to figure out why she got chosen and I didn't - I decided that she was thinner than me and perhaps I was just too fat for the role.

So how many insecurities showed up in that dream!?? Wow. I thought I was over the whole lack-of-supering thing. And the fat thing - wow. That's not like me. Better get back on the mini-trampoline to quiet my subconscious!

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