Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Radio Alert!

Attention Gunnfans:

Newsflash from The Opera Company of Philadelphia!!

WHYY in Philadelphia is interviewing the cast of Rape of Lucretia tomorrow, Thursday, from 11-12. They'll be taking questions so warm up your dialing fingers. Then they hop over to WRTI on Saturday at 11am for another interview. Busy busy busy! Both stations are set up for online listening, and will most likely have archived and/or podcasts of the interviews available if you miss them.

With all that's going on this weekend I keep forgetting that I'll be seeing RoL next week. Can't wait to hang out with Banawoman!! We're busy making plans - and those plans DON'T include waiting at the stage door - we already have other (tentative) plans for after the performance. Sorry to the readers who were hoping for another foot-in-mouth moment - I'm following the "avoidance of embarrassment" school of thought this time around. I hope that school isn't too boring...

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DivaVixxen said...

SUCH a good opera. It will rip your heart a good way.