Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If I Do Say So Myself...

...I think my child is amazing. Yeah yeah he's had the tests and we know he's gifted, cognitively/intellectually or whatever. Yeah he's got the sensory issues and the social skills issues that go along with being too smart for his own good. And then today... today he was making up these amazing songs. I wish I could sing them for you - I'll have to catch him on film. But he was singing something like this:

I went outside to play
There was a thunderstorm
I played out in the rain

Argh I can't remember. I should have written it down. You could tell he was making it up as he went along. It mostly rhymed. The rhythms were great. You could tell when he switched from the verse to the chorus and the meter changed. He changed his vocal quality when the subject changed - it was very dynamic. Husband and I just stared with our jaws hanging open. So the subject matter was familiar to him, the pattern of the song from verse to chorus and back to verse was typical of, say, a Beatles song, the tune was unique but melodic, it mostly rhymed AND he changed his volume and voice type to go with the feeling of the words. All spontaneously.

Perhaps this is something all kids can do - I have no idea. Either way, I am truly amazed.

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