Saturday, June 6, 2009

Birthday, Rehearsal, Hooray!

Birthday party rehearsal day! Wait, no. We didn't have a rehearsal for the birthday party! We DID have a birthday party today because it's Alex's 5th birthday today! WOW!!!!! And in the middle I snuck out for the rehearsal for tomorrow's recital. The sound in the chapel was amazing! At first I was a bit overwhelmed by the echo, but once I got used to it I loved it! My sis-in-law came with me and made a little movie. Notice that when she zooms in, the sunlight catches in my frizzy hair and creates quite the halo. I will use Product tomorrow to smooth it down.

So this is the "middle" version of the song. One of my voice teacher's colleagues took the soprano version of the song and transposed it down so it's in between the mezzo and soprano versions we already had. This was my first time singing it through in that key, and the first time with a real live accompanist. I still need to fix where I breath for some of the lines.

When we arrived at the chapel, the piano had this cover strapped to it with a padlock. My voice teacher had a security dude in there trying to open it. He had this huge ring of keys and he was on his back under the piano trying them all... nothing. He left to look for more keys. Meanwhile, the accompanist comes in, picks up the edge of the cover, gives it a flick and the straps all undo. It was like Fonzie and the jukebox. (Sorry, can't find a link for that.)

If Music went pretty well, and then in the middle of Despina we got off the rhythm near the end so we redid that part. And for some reason I messed up the words right at the beginning - I anticipated in "de saper" and sang "se saper." I've never done that before! I won't do it tomorrow. I also got the melody wrong the first time I sang, "e qual regina." Again, I anticipated and sang it the way it goes the 2nd time around. And then the last 'col posso e voglio" bit I was a bit too pushy. All things I can fix. So anyway I edited the clips to make it look like one run through, although you will be able to tell where the cut is.

Even though there was only 5 other people there (the rehearsal was staggered), I got that performance rush and wanted to just hug everyone afterward.

I'm hooked.

Hopefully someone will record it tomorrow. Wheeee my first recital experience!!!!!

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