Thursday, June 4, 2009

Studio? Who Said Anything About Studio?

I have to check the page my voice teacher gave me last month - I could SWEAR that Sunday's thing was a studio recital, like, she gives feedback and we re-sing. Nope. It's a straight-up recital. And I'm going first. Bang bang. If Music Be the Food of Love, Sing On. In fact today she had me do the whole visualization thing for it. What do I think of? Is there a movie scene maybe? I immediately thought of how Mr. Darcy looks at Elizabeth in the BBC's version of Pride and Prejudice, when Elizabeth is singing. He has this dreamy look on his face like he could just melt. (Go ahead, click the link.)

I think of it as, the singer (me) is talking about someone ELSE singing, urging him to keep singing because it's just so beautiful it fills her (me) with joy, like warm melting chocolate flowing through her (my) body, so much pleasure that it hurts, and if he doesn't take her (me) that instant she'll (I'll) lose control. "Take me, take me!!" That is sort of where I go when I sing that song.

My teacher showed me how to bow and said that each student will walk on stage, bow, sing two songs, bow, acknowledge the accompanist and walk off. A little scary and very exciting!!! Shouldn't be scary - the audience will consist of the parents of all her other students as they are all teenagers.

My first recital! Can you believe it?

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