Friday, June 26, 2009

Rainbow Alert

Had a very restful vacation. Sang only in the echo-rich bathroom. The rest of the time I rested my voice and read the music. Also, climbed this. Drove past this. Saw a spectacular one of these! Here are a few of my photos, click the link for the rest.

Stayed at the most fabulous motel, ever.

Views from the patio:

Views of the patio:

That's some sort of fire-pit, filled with glass chips. The tiles are all iridescent.

The chandelier in the outside stairwell:

View from one window of our suite:

Here's the ceiling in the sitting room of our suite.

They let us peek into the unoccupied rooms before we left.
Check out this suite we didn't stay in!

And here's another, because who doesn't need a glowing red sink! The tub glows too.

Can't wait to go back and stay in one of the other funky rooms.

Back to the opera, and how it keeps me awake, next time.

ps I fixed the links for the rooms in the motel... sorry about that.

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